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  • Cost-efficient implementation
  • Extremely accurate technology
  • Safe for humans and animals

Robotics equipped for the real world

Worried about your robotic machines hitting the odd “bump in the road”?
Kobi ensures they can handle anything that crosses their path.

Indoors & outdoors

Kobi works reliably and accurately both indoors and outdoors.

Accurate up to an inch

Precision is Kobi’s middle name. It is extremely accurate, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Connected solution

Thanks to Kobi’s connectivity and data-driven solutions, fleet management – including predictive maintenance – has never been easier.

Safe for humans and animals

Kobi’s AI and sensors ensure a safe and accurate operation, always avoiding humans and animals.

Changing surroundings

Now where did that chair come from? Has that flower bed always been there? No worries. Kobi automatically adapts to changing environments.

No GPS required

GPS heavily depends on satellite visibility and does not work well under trees or near buildings. That is not a concern as Kobi is powered by computer vision.

Kobi offers a full robotics solution.

Effortlessly integrate the KobiVision technology – no special knowledge or skills required on your part – to grant your products the gift of Artificial Intelligence including localization, navigation, path planning and obstacle detection.

Shorten your time to market

Your competitor is ringing up sale after sale, while you’re still buried in code?
Well, no more! Kobi is as quick as it is easy to implement.

We have designed our autonomous solution with affordability, speed, accuracy, and safety in mind. Thanks to the latest in artificial intelligence, particularly computer vision technology, KobiVision can easily navigate any environment.
Steven Waelbers - CTO

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It’s all about the automation, baby.

Finding skilled (not to mention affordable) labor for repetitive work is harder than ever. While the demand for robotic solutions is soaring, implementing robotics swiftly and cost-efficiently tends to be a pain point even for large OEMs. But that’s where we come in!


Autonomous law mowers that use the Kobi system can tackle any lawn with the greatest precision.

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Golf courses

From collecting balls to mowing the hilliest lawns, Kobi is about to become a hole-in-one.

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Fertilizing fields, detecting diseases, measuring soil moisture levels, … Yes, this is where Kobi is headed next.

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Why yes, you will soon be able to have a robot clean the china shop without it turning into a bull.

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It’s only a matter of time until the world gets to see Kobi going to great lengths – and depths – to make mining projects safer.

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Prepare to take your hard hat off to Kobi’s unparalleled AI !

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