What is Kobi capable of?

Brace yourself, it’s a lot!


Utilizing AI, KobiVision enables your machines to:

  • adapt to changing situations
  • understand the environment (humans, animals, objects, robot friends, …)
  • drive in perfectly straight lines as needed


Kobi’s localization system :

  • Uses computer vision and functions without GPS
  • Is hyper-accurate: centimeter level accuracy at all times
  • Works even in the most demanding conditions such as changing light conditions and the presence of vibrations

Mapping and path planning

Kobi makes your machines:

  • work in the manner and order you prefer

Connected ecosystem

The Kobi ecosystem offers end-users increased connectivity and data-driven solutions to improve their operations. Other capabilities include:

  • Predictive maintenance
    • Make better-informed business decisions
    • Boost your profitability and efficiency
    • Get notified when a blade needs to be sharpened or replaced
  • Fleet management
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity

Download our use case

Looking for a cost-effective solution for their labor shortage, Mean Green Mowers turned to KobiVision. Find out what happened when their patented mower designs joined forces with our cutting-edge technology!